How would you like to control the switches on your model train layout with a TV remote control?

The Model Train Switch Controller (MTSC) was designed to do just that.   It works best with three wire type switches used by Lionel, American Flyer and HO (Atlas).  Your switches must have two coil wires with a common return wire.  Many switches are wired this way.

The MTSC gets it power from the accessory power output from your train controller or power pack.As the diagrams below show, the circuit can control 10 individual switches or 5 pairs of switches.††

The main input to the circuit is the TV remote signal.†† All TV remotes use an invisible Infra-Red light beam to transmit their control signals.This is true with this product too.

This system will also work with the older Lionel type 022 switches and also American Flyer switches.These switches are powered with AC voltage and use two coils in the switch motor.

There is another input signal that is used to control the time delay setting.   Being able to adjust the time delay setting is very useful because it allows you to set the amount of time that power will be applied to any switch.This has always been a problem in model railroading.If you press a switch button on your layout to throw a switch, and keep the button pressed, power will continue to be applied to the switch (as long as you keep the button pressed).Applying power continuously to a switch will eventually cause it to overheat and possibly melt.   This product allows you to set the time so that the switch will only be on long enough to just switch.  

Included with the system is a TV remote.The picture below is a representative picture and the actual remote you receive may be different.Of course any universal TV remote can be used with this system.

This system can be expanded so you can control 20 switches.  This is done by purchasing two MTSC systems and connecting them together.  You would still use a single TV remote control.

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Complete working switch controller for 10 switches including TV remote and all necessary hardware.  The switches are NOT included.


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