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The Model Train Servomotor Controller (MTSC) is a low cost solution for controlling a hobby type servomotor.A servomotor is a gear driven motor with a lever arm attached to it.It rotates less than one revolution (about 180 degrees) and is controlled by a microcontroller (a small computer chip). Using some mechanical linkage, it is easy to move object(s) on your layout.The SMC has a number of control features that will allow you to adjust and program the movement of the servo so it will work in a variety of situations on your train layout.


You can control the following:


This is a very useful board if you want any sort of movement on your layout.Servomotors are available for less than $15 on eBay.The Hitec HS-311 is a good choice for a servomotor.A sample HS-311 is shown in the picture.





Some possible applications:


This board will also work with our Train Layout Sound Board.


Examine Installation/Operation Manual Ė Download Manual


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Complete working servomotor controller as pictured.The HS-311 is NOT included.


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