MODEL TRAIN SPEEDOMETER                                                                             $99

Measure the speed of your HO model train.  An HO train car with electronics circuitry installed to measure the train’s speed.  A 3-digit LED display shows the train speed in mph and is continuously updated.  The car can also function as an odometer and you can measure distance traveled in inches.  Kadee couplers are included.  More…





TYCO HO MAGNETIC CRANE – REMOTE CONTROL                                            $179

We took a Tyco HO crane and added three motors, remote control and an electromagnet to make a really fun accessory for your HO model train layout   Lift and drop metal objects.   More…





MODEL TRAIN SERVOMOTOR CONTROLLER KIT                                                $34

The Servo Motor Controller (SMC) is a low cost solution for controlling a hobby type servomotor.  Using some mechanical linkage, it is easy to move object(s) on your layout.  The SMC has a number of control features that will allow you to adjust and program the movement of the servo so it will work in a variety of situations on your train layout.  More…





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