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Sounds will make your dull, quiet, lifeless layout come to life!


The TRAIN LAYOUT SOUND BOARD or TLSB allows model railroaders to easily add sounds to their layouts.  Any action or event can have a sound attached to it.  The sounds can be anything from farm animals to train sounds to machinery to trucks, cars, sirens…anything you like!  The TLSB block diagram is shown in the picture.



The sound board comes mounted either: on a wooden base OR  in a black box.  Both configurations are identical except for physical appearance.   Please let us know which configuration you prefer to receive when you place your order.    


There are 3 push-button inputs and 3 speakers.  Press push-button 1 and hear a sound from speaker 1.  The sounds are stored on an SD memory card.  Please read on because there are many additional features.


You decide what sounds you will hear because you place your own sound files on the SD memory card.  The most common type of sound file is a wav file and this is the type used by the TLSB.  There are loads of these files available on the Internet.  You can even use Windows Sound Recorder to create your own wav sound files.  Use your PC to transfer the files to the included SD memory card using the included SD reader/writer.  





The SD card plugs into the TLSB.  The sounds are reproduced by circuitry on the TLSB and fed to 3 speakers.  There is no need to have a computer other than to initially place the sound files on the SD memory card.  The included software CD comes with a good sample of sound files that you can use.


The TLSB is entirely self-contained and no PC (personal computer) is needed for normal operation.


The sound(s) get delivered to the 3 speakers that you place around your layout.  Each speaker is approximately 2 inches in diameter and should be installed in a baffle.  A baffle is nothing more than a small box or enclosure such as a building or mountain or even a cutout in the layout surface.  A 2-inch hole-saw does a nice job.  With the speaker mounted in a baffle you will discover that the sound, sounds very local and realistic! 


A sound will be heard when:


1.      An input switch has been pressed;

2.      The TLSB timer has been enabled;

3.   You requested it using a Sony TV remote. 


NOTE: You can also use a magnetic reed switch instead of a push-button.


When a push-button gets pressed a sound is heard.  If the push-button remains pressed the sound will be repeatedly heard.  The sound will stop when the button is released.





If you want to go automatic there is a timer on the board that will cause sounds to be played at a time you choose by setting the timer adjustment pot.  The time can be varied from 1 to 10 minutes.  Setting the time for 5 minutes means a sound will be heard once every 5 minutes.  All the sounds will be played randomly when the timer is enabled.  Your quiet layout will become alive with sounds.  The timer can easily be enabled/disabled.



Three different sounds can be attached to each push-button.  Press the push-button once to hear sound 1.  Press again for sound 2 and again for sound 3.  The reason for this is to allow a different sound to be heard each time the button is pressed.  You can enable or disable this feature.  For example lets say the three files for button 1 are named 001, 002 and 003.  If all three files are identical then the same sound will be heard each time the button is pressed.  If all three sound files are different (for example cow, horse and chicken) then the sound heard will be different each time the button is pressed.  Incidentally placing a speaker in a barn is a great place because there are plenty of animals and animal sounds there. 




Each of the three sound channels on the TLSB is equipped with an extra relay that can be used to control auxiliary devices such as led lights or other automation effects.  The relay contacts are rated at 0.5 amps.


For each of the sound channels there is an LED indication of which channel/speaker is presently being used.  It is shown in a bank of three colored LEDs. 



Use this Windows program to edit and enhance your sound files.  If your sound file plays for 2 seconds and you would like it to play longer, you can splice multiple copies of the sound together to get a longer playing time.  Or if you want to delete a portion of the sound file you can also do this.  You can even connect a microphone up to your computer to record your own sounds.  



The SD memory card is capable of holding many sound files.  An IR receiver is mounted on the TLSB board so you can use a Sony TV remote to select a sound file (not normally heard) and play it through the speaker of your choice.  For example if you had a speaker located at a train station you could make a number of different announcements. 


You can even add an echo to your sounds using Windows Sound Recorder, to make them sound more like the hall-like structure found on a train platform.


NOTE - Any universal TV remote can be configured to work as a Sony TV remote.


Download Installation Manual – Download Manual


Please allow two weeks for delivery.


Use you imagination while you listen to sample sounds here:






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The complete package includes the main board, sound module board, SD memory card, 3 speakers, 3 push-button switches, SD reader/writer, software CD (with sample sound files), power supply and detailed instruction manual.


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