We would like to announce our new Model Train Talking Speedometer.  The unit comes assembled and is completely standalone.  Everything is contained in a small black box:  4-digit speed display, speaker, amplifier, sound chip and computer circuitry.  The two photo-sensors get mounted between the rails of your track.  It can work with any scale train, although we think HO and N scale, model railroaders will be the most interested.


The unit comes with everything you need such as the 12-volt power supply, photo-sensors and cables, black system box and instruction manual.  The main unit, black box, contains the speaker, electronics and the sound chip that has both male and female voices.  The Windows 10, narrator voices were recorded and are used here.  You will be surprised at how good they sound.

The unit also has a 4-digit display that shows the speed.  It also indicates when the sensors have been tripped.  The speedometer is shown installed on our demonstration track.  The wooden pieces are not part of the speedometer unit.  

A typical speed message is:  Train speed: 34.7 miles per hour.  There is an option to select either the male or the female voice.  Also whether the speed is measured in miles or kilometers, per hour.

This unit would be useful in the speed matching of DCC locomotives.

The picture shows the complete system.  It is easy to set up.  Mount the two photo-sensors and connect the power supply.  You are finished.   The photo sensors are shown below.


The block diagram is shown.  The sensors are nothing more than two photo-sensors, each attached to a 30" length of 2-conductor cable.  Two holes need to be drilled in the track.  This impacts the track very little.  The distance between the holes should be 5 inches.  The photo-sensors sit in these holes and respond to room light.  It does not matter from which direction the train passes over the sensors, the speed calculation will be made correctly.  

The picture of the back of the black box shows the 12-volt power cable plug/jack and the sensor connections.  The SCALE control determines what train scale the unit works with.  Six scales are possible: G, O, S, OO, HO and N.  Yes, even our friends in the UK are supported.  You can also pick either 148 or 160 for the N scale calculation. 


There are two voices: male and female.  When the sensors are tripped by the train going in one direction, the male voice is heard.  When the train trips the sensors going in the opposite direction, the female voice is heard.  So you know which direction the locomotive is going by which voice you hear.


When a train initially passes over the photo-sensors, the speed is announced.  To prevent continuous speed announcements, as the rest of the train cars pass, the unit is disabled until all the cars have passed.  After there is no activity for 3 seconds, the unit will reset and be ready to measure the speed again.

There is no reason for the black box to be seen, so it can be hidden underneath your layout.  It could even be placed inside a building or structure.

Since the photo-sensors are mounted in holes in the track, they too are out of sight.  Our test track is shown in the photo.  We used Bachmann EZ Track.  Any type of track will work.  

The unit is guaranteed to work right out of the box and comes with our 30-day, money back, return policy.

The cost of the speedometer system is $79.  Shipping and handling is $10.  Please allow two weeks for us to assemble and ship the unit.  

You can see a youtube video here:


Thanks for looking.


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NOTE - The Bachmann EZ track is NOT included and neither is the Athearn HO Hustler locomotive.