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We are pleased to offer a very simple and reliable model train trolley reversing circuit.

If your layout has a trolley or streetcar, you can use this circuit to control the movement of the trolley.  It is assumed the track is not continuous.  The trolley will start at one end of the track and run along until it comes to the other end of the track.  It will stop and wait for a few seconds and then reverse and go to the other end of the track, where it will stop and wait.  The wait times and the speed can be adjusted.

There is also an input to use a switch to stop the trolley during its travel. 

The unit is pictured showing the two adjustable pots for speed and time on top.  The power goes in on one side and the track voltage (red & black wires) comes out on the opposite side.  There are two additional wires: Blue and Green that need to be connected as shown in the diagram.  

The diagram shows the wiring connections that need to be made.  

The Blue and Green wires allow you to connect the Trolley Reversing Circuit (TRC) to the track without having to solder the diodes.  However if your trolley runs a distance you might find that installing the diodes is actually easier.  Both methods are described in detail in the manual and below.  

The package includes: a 16-volt power supply, reversing circuit and two adjustment pots for speed and time.  Two diodes and plastic rail joiners are included.  The reversing circuit is all solid-state and has no moving parts.  There are also no relays to malfunction.  You adjust the speed by turning the speed adjustment knob.  The speed uses PWM control, which is the latest and best way to control the speed of a model train.  The time adjustment knob allows you to have a pause at the end of the trolley travel.  Your trolley travels along a track and will stop at both ends of the track.  The time adjustment will allow you to vary the time, that the trolley will wait before it reverses direction.

There is an additional input for a switch or a sensor that allows you to stop the trolley at any point along the trolley track.  This could simulate a stop to pick up or discharge passengers.  Detailed instructions and parts are provided for you to do this.  

Also included are the two insulated rail joiners for HO and also N scale.  

This circuit will work with HO and N scale trolleys and streetcars.  It will work with any type of HO and N scale train track.The Bachmann Spectrum trolley has a dual-mode DCC decoder.This decoder will sense what sort of track the trolley is on and operate accordingly.The dual-mode decoder will work with the Trolley Reversing Circuit (TRC) described here.



The TRC uses an H-Bridge to reverse the power going to the trolley.This is the latest type of reversing circuit used with model trains.There are no relays and nothing to wear old.It is shown to the right:







Complete working unit with power supply, plastic rail joiners, switch and cable.


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