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We are pleased to offer an improved version of our popular Ebay Quiz Bowl.  The new system has 12-players with multiple team/player combinations.  Individual as well as team scores are tallied throughout the game. The package includes the USB computer interface box, 12 player buttons, game software and carrying case.  There are plenty of sound effects too.


The system will work on a Windows computer, with versions 7, 8, or 10.It will not work on an Apple Mac.  


There are several game options.The original game is still supported where players buzz in to earn points.What is especially nice about this game is that it remembers who buzzed in.That is the system not only knows who was first to press his button but it also knows who was second, third, fourth and so on.If the first playerís answer is wrong then you can ask the second player.Question points are easily added or subtracted from each playerís score.The question's point value can also be easily changed too.






To the left is a screen-shot of the actual EQBP program window.Note the simplicity.

The countdown timer is on the lower left.


The numbers on the left, show the order that the players buzzed in.Mary, Walter, Maude, Nancy, Pat and Jeff didnít buzz in.Mike buzzed in first.


The team/player combinations are: 0 teams with 12 players, 2 teams with 6 players each, 3 teams with 4 players each, 4 teams with 3 players each, and 6 teams with 2 players each.  The screenshot shows 4 teams with three players each.  The teams are identified by different colors. 


If you need more than twelve players you can easily add another system.  When this is done you will have 24 players.  Yes, two systems can be combined.  The software can handle it.  You can still use the two systems, independently, and have two, 12-player systems.  Use one in your 4thgrade classroom and the second in your 7th grade classroom.  Or use them both together in your own classroom.  The picture shows how two systems would connect to a computer.  Two USB ports would be needed.


The computer interface box comes with a 12-foot USB cable so it can be located close to the players.  This eliminates long cable runs.  Each playerís button box has a 6-foot cable.  Six, 6-foot extension cables, are also included.  You can use the extensions as you wish to space the players out. 


We use good quality, trouble free buttons and boxes.  Each cord has a strain relief, where it enters the button box.


Each player is equipped with a small hand-held box containing a red push-button that is used to buzz in.  The Quizmaster reads the question and monitors the computer screen to see who buzzed in first, second, third, etc.  A sound is heard as each player buzzes in.  After the on-screen timer times out, the Quizmaster asks the first player for his answer and decides if the answer is correct.  He then either adds or subtracts points from the player's score.  The Quizmaster is in complete control by clicking on the appropriate buttons on the computer screen.


The main screen can be displayed on a projection screen for everyone to see.


Shown to the right is a player button box.It has a 6-foot cord and strain relief. 6-foot extension cables are also included.

There are twelve of these in the package.





If the answer is correct you would click on the Right button to award 10 points.For an incorrect answer, you would click on the Wrong button to deduct 10 points from the score.You can disable deducting points for wrong answers.

A set of option buttons at the bottom of the screen allows the question point value to be easily set or changed. A question can have a point value of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 points.There is also a countdown timer to time the response of the contestants when answering.This time can be easily varied.


The following is a layout diagram of the regular and expanded system.The regular system has twelve players and the expanded system has twenty-four players:



Each player button box connects to the computer through a USB port with the Ebay Quiz Bowl Pro box.This is a very cost effective (and also very easy) way to connect input devices such as switches to a computer.†† A maximum of twelve player buttons can be connected with each Ebay Quiz Bowl Pro box.


The Ebay Quiz Bowl Pro box.The players connect with 3.5mm cables and plugs.



Our new Connect game is also included.You could say that this game is similar to Jeopardy.You might also say that it is something like Hollywood Squares, or tic-tac-toe.If you remember the Connect-4 game from the seventies, then our Connect game will look very familiar.


The game board screen is a matrix of 25 squares arranged as 5 columns and 5 rows.Teams/players compete to earn squares by correctly answering questions.The object of the game is to obtain a row, column or diagonal of four connected squares.The computer does not know what a winning combination actually is.There is no reason to since it will be immediately obvious to everyone playing.You could therefore invent your own rules for different groups.Maybe have three connecting squares as the winner.


There are four teams with one to three players on each team.To start the game, the first square can be chosen by the quizmaster or by the winner of a coin toss.The numbered squares are arranged in question categories to provide a hint as to the type of questions.As the question is read, the first team/player to buzz in gets to answer.  If the answer is correct, then that team gets the square.  The color changes to the team's color.  If the answer is incorrect the next team (who buzzed in) gets to answer.  Teams will continue playing and earning squares.  You can see in the screenshot that the yellow team has squares 7, 8, 9 and 12.  The yellow team has four connecting squares and has won.  Any four squares that are touching, wins the game.  The question categories can be shown or hidden.  The game requires both skill and strategy and is a lot of fun.   


The Connect window:



The Connect window showing teams and buttons:



The cost of this system is $239 plus $12 for shipping.  We ship using USPS Priority Mail.  Please allow 10 days for us to assemble and ship the system to you.  Thanks.



The system also comes with an attractive, padded vinyl carrying case so you can store the system when not in use.





Use any computer running Windows 7, 8 or 10 with a free USB port.You need a sound card and speakers to hear the sounds.A projection screen is recommended.






Complete system for 12 players Ė includes software, all cables, carrying case, system box and button boxes for 12 players.



Shipping and handling charges are $12 (for US only).We do not collect sales tax for states other than Pennsylvania.If your state requires you to pay sales tax then you must pay it yourself.

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