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eBay Quiz Bowl (EQB) is a computerized quiz button lock-out system (sold on eBay) that allows a group of players to participate in a question and answer type game.  The base system can handle 8 players.  The system is connected to any computer running Windows with a free USB port.  It also includes a countdown timer and sound effects.


Evaluate the software before you purchase this product.  Version 3 is now shipping.   The system now supports bonus questions and you can also change the question point values.  When you run the software, you can simulate the players pressing their buttons by pressing the numbers from 1 to 8 on the numeric keypad.  Be sure your Numlock key is ON.  To download a copy click below:





Click here to start download:  Download EBAYQB


NOTE - If you are using Vista or Windows 7 you must run the software as the Administrator.  When you see the program entry on the Start menu, instead of left clicking, right click and select ‘Run as Administrator’.



What is especially nice about this system is that everyone gets to answer.  That is the system not only knows who was first to press his button but it also knows who was second, third, fourth and so on.  If the first player’s answer is wrong then you can easily ask the second player.  Question points are easily added or subtracted from each player’s score.


Yes that is correct…the system even keeps score!


Each player is equipped with a hand-held box containing a push button that is used to buzz in.  The questions can be on any topic.  The Quizmaster reads the question and monitors the computer screen to see who buzzed in first, second, third, etc.  A sound is heard as each player buzzes in to answer.  The Quizmaster then asks the first player for his answer and decides if the answer was correct.  He then awards points.



Shown to the right are two  player button boxes.  There are 4 black and 4 white buttons included.  A quarter coin is also shown.


There are eight of these included in the package.  Each comes with a 6 foot cord.

.  .






To the left is a screen-shot of the actual EQB program window.  Note the simplicity.


The countdown timer is on the lower left.


The yellow numbered buttons show the order that the players buzzed in.  Jean, Joe and Ted didn’t buzz in.  Pete buzzed in first and his answer was wrong.


You have just called on the next  player who buzzed in…who was Mary. 


If she is correct you would click on the green correct button to give her 10 points.  You would click on the white incorrect button to deduct 10 points from her score.


A set of option buttons at the bottom of the screen allows the question point value to be easily set or changed. A question can have a point value of 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 points.  There is also a countdown timer to time the response of the contestants when answering questions.  This time can be easily varied.


The following is a layout diagram of the system:


The player buttons connect to the computer through the USB port using the Ebay Quiz Bowl box.  This is a very cost effective (and also very easy) way to connect input devices such as switches to a computer.   A maximum of eight player buttons can be connected.


The main system box with player buttons attached.



Note the USB cable in the picture above.

The computer is an IBM PC (Pentium) running Windows and the EQB software program.  The EQB program manages the entire quiz game.  It totals the scores and communicates with the player buttons through the USB port. 


The software program configuration window is shown below:



The program can also support two teams.  Players 1 to 4 are on team 1 (Rockets) and players 5 to 8 are on team 2 (Crusaders).  The team option can be disabled.



Note the BONUS indicator meaning Anne has correctly answered and she can now be asked a Bonus question.


For simplicity only one PC display screen has been shown; however several computer screens might be used in an actual installation.  A projection type screen would work very well.  A large screen TV set with the appropriate adaptor can also be used to display the game information.


Players can be encouraged to compete by awarding a prize to the winner.  Perhaps just the thrill of getting the highest point score will be enough. 



The system also comes with an attractive, padded vinyl carrying case so you can store the system when not in use.






Use any computer running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, with a free USB port.  You need a sound card and speakers to hear the sounds.  


NOTE - If you are using Vista or Windows 7 you must run the software as the Administrator.  When you see the program entry on the Start menu, instead of left clicking, right click and select ‘Run as Administrator’.








Complete system for 8 players – includes software, all cables, carrying case, system box and button boxes for 8 players.



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