Multi-Player Computerized Quiz System

eBay Porta Quiz Bowl 

8-Player Base System - $219



How would you like to have a quiz button lock-out system that:

·        is portable, battery-powered AND doesn’t need a computer?

·        can be connected to a computer to make use of the graphics and sound features found in Windows based software?




If you’ve answered YES to these questions then please read on


We have had so much success with our eBay Quiz Bowl system that we decided to improve on it.


eBay Porta-Quiz Bowl is a computerized quiz button lock-out system that allows a group of players to participate in a question and answer type game.  The base system can handle 8 players. 


The system works in two different operating modes:

·        Portable - works on a 9-volt battery without a computer;

·        Computer – connects to a PC (using a USB port) and uses the included Windows software program to manage the quiz game.


In Portable mode the unit can be easily transported and set up since there is only the small main unit box and the eight player buttons.  A computer is not needed.  The unit runs on a 9-volt battery.  Leds are used to indicate who was first to buzz in.  When a player buzzes in,  an led lights on that player’s button box and also on the main system unit.  All the other players get locked out.  There is also a buzzer type sounder in the main unit.  Use this mode when you want to use the system on the go, without a computer.


In Computer mode the unit connects to a PC using a free USB port.  This mode makes use of the included Windows software.  The software is Windows based and is used to keep score, display player names and create sound effects.  To add to the fun there is also a countdown timer.  This mode makes use of many features on a PC.


Each of the 8 buttons comes with a 10-foot cable attached and this distance can be easily extended to well over 20 feet.



To the left is a screen-shot of the actual EQB program window.  Note the simplicity.


The countdown timer is on the lower left.


The yellow numbered buttons show the order that the players buzzed in.  Jean, Joe and Ted didn’t buzz in.  Pete buzzed in first and his answer was wrong.


You have just called on the next  player who buzzed in…who was Mary. 


The following is a layout diagram of the system when connected to a computer:

The software program configuration window is shown below:



The program can also support two teams.  Players 1 to 4 are on team 1 (Rockets) and players 5 to 8 are on team 2 (Crusaders).  The team option can be disabled.



Note the BONUS indicator meaning Anne has correctly answered and she can now be asked a Bonus question.


For simplicity only one PC display screen has been shown; however several computer screens might be used in an actual installation.  A projection type screen would work very well.  A large screen TV set with the appropriate adaptor can also be used to display the game information.


Players can be encouraged to compete by awarding a prize to the winner.  Perhaps just the thrill of getting the highest point score will be enough. 



The system also comes with an attractive, padded vinyl carrying case so you can store the system when not in use.








Complete system for 8 players – includes software, all cables, carrying case, system box and button boxes for 8 players.


Shipping and handling charges are $12 (for US only).

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Please allow two weeks for us to deliver the system to you.

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