This speedometer kit will measure the speed of your model train. It will work with any model train scale.It could be used for matching the speed of HO DCC locomotives that will be used in a consist.A consist is when there are several locomotives connected together pulling a large train of cars.


The speedometer works in conjunction with a Windows type computer.The hardware is nothing more than two sensors connected to a computer through a USB connection.All the parts are provided for you to assemble your speedometer.Please see the schematic and other pictures.


The software will work with any version of Windows from Windows XP up to Windows 10.


The speedometer sits along the track.



The software program is included and runs on your Windows computer.  The program communicates with the two sensors and measures the time of a passing locomotive.  In the pictures the sensors and leds are mounted on two 6-inch lengths of corner angle PVC.  These are also included.




The system block diagram is shown in the pictures.  There is no specific Start or Stop sensor since the speed can be measured for a train traveling in both directions.  This system can be used with any model train scale.  The program can be configured for G, O, S, HO, OO and N scale trains (actually any scale).  You dial in 48 for O scale.  The speedometer can measure speed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour.  There is an option in the software to select MPH or KPH.  The conversion 1 mile equals 1.60935 kilometers is used.


Next to the speed display is a short history of previously obtained speeds for your reference.


The program can also write to Excel and transfer your measured speeds.A sample Excel worksheet is supplied that has speed tables and graphs already setup that you can use to analyze and compare your measured speeds.If you don't have Excel then another spreadsheet program will work such as Google Sheets and the spreadsheet program in OpenOffice.These two programs are free on the Internet.


The measured speed is shown in tenths.You can customize the Excel worksheet however you like or use it as we designed it.††


A unique feature of the software is that it can paste the speed information into any Windows program.  The JMRI DecoderPro is one such program that our speedometer software program can work with.


Did you know that you can run two of these kits at the same time and measure the speeds of two different trains at two different locations on your train layout?  Well you can.  Actually you can run three (even more) of these speedometer kits as long as you have a free USB port for each kit on your computer.  See photo of program running twice.  If you buy two or more speedometer kits you will also receive a FREE 4-port USB hub.  See pictures.









The following items are included:


1.†††††† Electronics Circuitry Ė Includes USB cable, two sensors, two leds, 9-pin connector, resistors and other electronics parts

2.†††††† Two 6-inch lengths of PVC white angle

3.†††††† Battery box with switch

4.†††††† CD containing software program and USB drivers

5.†††††† Installation and Operating manual

6.†††††† Sample Excel worksheet


The Model Train Speedometer kit costs $35.We ship using US Postal Service.



Soldering iron, solder and hand tools that most train guys have.I also used hot glue to hold the sensor and led devices in place.


This is a simple circuit and software program.We would appreciate it if you didn't make a copy of the software and give it to your friends.


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