We are pleased to offer an affordable complete Pinewood Derby Timer System for tracks with 2 to 4 lanes. Everything is included for you to install the hardware on your track. The included software runs on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.




Even though our 4-lane Pinewood Derby Timer System is economical, it still has a lot of features.


The system is complete and includes everything (hardware and software) for tracks with 2 to four lanes. It is completely adjustable in both the hardware and software.


The hardware includes a working start gate and a finish line with four finish line sensors. The sensors respond to visible light and are easy to install under each track lane. The race clock is in the computer software and is automatically started when you open the start gate. A Pinewood Derby race usually takes about three seconds.


USB adapter connected to Electronics Control Board



The hardware is very simple. It is a small circuit board with a 9-pin computer connection on one side and a screw terminal strip on the other side.





















There are 9-scew terminal connections. The start gate attaches using two wires. The unit gets its power from the USB port. An installation and operations manual is provided.


An installed start gate is shown below. This particular track has three lanes. The levers protruding from the track drop down when the race starts. The finish line is shown on the right.



The start gate underneath the track shows hinges and the levers mounted on a horizontal board.



The start gate is held closed with a wooden dowel. Pull the dowel out and the gate opens. There is a switch that tells the computer that the gate has opened and this action will start the race timer clock.


Wooden pieces are included to construct a bridge at the finish line. The sensors mount below the track in the picture above.


The finish line has an overhead bridge and two end supports. All the pieces are made from pinewood.




Most Pinewood Derby timers are accurate to 1 millisecond (3 decimal places). Our timer is far more accurate and gives time measurements with 6 decimal places.





The picture above shows the software program. The large digits are only an indicator to show the clock running. The actual time measurements will have 6 to 7 decimal places. You could argue the accuracy of the 6 to 7 decimal digits. After all the time measurements are actually millions of a second. But the times are measured relative to each other.


On a 4-lane track the software can be configured to have each cub race his car in every lane. It can also be configured to have one heat where each cub would race once on the track. In large groups this could save time. You can also decide if his four times would be averaged together or just his fastest time would be used for his best time.


The software is written for Microsoft Windows computers running Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. Our timer system connects to the computer with a USB connection.




Electronics Control Board Module

4 Finish Line Sensors

USB Adapter

Working Start Gate with Wooden Pieces for 4 Lanes

Wooden Pieces for Finish Line

All Cables and Wiring

All Screws and Necessary Metal Hardware

Installation and Operation Manual

Software Installation Program on CD




Our main program window shows two sound buttons that you can click on and use during your race event. The sounds are configurable and you can use any sound files you may have or use our default ones.




In the picture below you can see the racer's name and his time.  There is also a picture of his car.  You can take pictures of the cars and have them displayed during the race.  You can use your Smartphone as a camera.  Using the USB cable (that came with your phone) you can transfer the pictures to your Windows computer.  The pictures can also be transferred as an email attachment if the Internet is available. Instructions are included in the Installation and Operating manual.  Who says you can't have fun?  





If you are using a laptop, a projection screen (or large TV monitor) can be connected and the ranking and winners of each race can be displayed there. The projection screen will show different information than the laptop screen.





This system includes all the hardware and software necessary for you to run a Pinewood Derby race with your cub scouts. The system will work on tracks with 2 to 4 lanes. The software runs on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. A USB port is needed on your computer. An installation and operation manual is included.


This system costs $99 and includes everything mentioned above. The shipping costs are $18.


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